Mailrefine Review: Is this the Best Email Validation Service?

Mailrefine Review- If you do email marketing, you may know how important is email validation to get the highest possible results. Mailrefine is one of the best email validation services which makes this possible.

In this Mailrefine review, I am going to cover:

  • What is Mailrefine
  • Mailrefine's features and deliverability guarantee
  • Mailrefine's pricing
  • Mailrefine's competitors and alternatives

Sounds invigorating? We should begin with Mailrefine's introduction, particularly on the off chance that you have never or as of late found out about it

What is Mailrefine?

Mailrefine review

You may have a big email list, but this email list will not benefit you if it contains invalid email addresses.

If you send an email to these invalid email addresses, it is more likely that you will receive hard bounces for these emails. Thus your sender's reputation will decrease, and a bad reputation means low email deliverability.

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Additionally, according to the reports, in one year, 30% of the email list changes due to the process of email validation and removing of deactivated and invalid emails.

So you need to regularly validate your email list, as it will assist with eliminating these bad email addresses and decrease your bounce rate.

And this is where Mailrefine comes in.

Mailrefine checks the email addresses to ensure that your email list is clean to get every single email delivered.

The best thing about Mailrefine is that you can start using it for free as it provides free 1000 credits. That is the highest among all the email validation services. Also, the number of free credits can be increased by contacting Mailrefine's support.

Mailrefine review: Features

1. Invalid and hard bounce checker

Mailrefine checks the syntax of the email addresses and removes one with the wrong syntax. Also, it removes email addresses which may cause a hard bounce after sending an email to them. These will help you to decrease your bounce rates and increase your deliverability.

Note: Email addresses that cause soft bounces are not removed from the list because the bounce may have occurred due to some temporary errors.

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2. Single Email Validator

You can validate an email address and get an instant result by using Mailrefine's single email checker.

3. Bulk Email Validator

You have to upload your email list in a CSV format and wait for the Mailrefine's application to check all your emails in your email list. The application will remove all the bad emails, and don't let bounce and deactivated emails decrease your sending reputation. You can download your clean email list once the validation process is complete.

Best email validation service: Mailrefine

4. Realtime Email Validation

Malirefine has a real-time email validation feature that helps you to avoid invalid email addresses to get into your email list at the time of collection.

You can integrate it into your website with any form that collects emails like subscription form, registration page, etc.

5. Removes duplicate emails

It is common to have duplicate email addresses before validating the email list. But it is harmful if you run an email campaign with an email list that contains duplicate emails. Mailrefine solves this issue by removing duplicate emails from your email list.

6. App Integrations

You can connect Mailrefine with email marketing tools within a few clicks. To date, Mailrefine can integrate with GetresponseZapierIntegromat, and the tools shown below.

Mailrefine app integrations                        

Mailrefine is adding more integrations consistently to save your significant time.

7. Catch-All Domain Checker

Mailrefine can detect catch-all email addresses in your email list. A catch-all email address is an email that captures emails sent to any invalid email addresses of the domain. These should be removed from your email list because they have zero importance.

8. Team Accounts

Using Mailrefine's this feature, you can add all your team members to one Mailrefine account to manage the email validation process and have the benefits of one source credit.

Mailrefine review: Deliverability Guarantee

Mailrefine committees a deliverability guarantee of 99%, which is the best among many email validation services.

Mailrefine review: Support

Mailrefine has an Email, Live chat, FAQs, and Knowledge Base Support.

Mailrefine review: Pricing

There are not any monthly subscription plans to use Mailrefine. You just need to buy email verification credits depending on your needs and start doing email validation. (The credits will never expire, 1 credit = 1 email validation )

  • 1k credits for $0     
  • 5k credits for $9     
  • 10k credits for $13 
  • 15k credits for $18 
  • 30k credits for $33
  • 50k credits for $45
  • 100k credits for $80  
  • 300k credits for $180
  • 500k credits for $250
  • 1M credits for $400   
  • 2.5M credits for $750
  • 5M credits for $1000 

You can also customize the pricing plane by contacting Mailrefin's support.

Mailrefine: Competitors and Alternatives

There are hundreds of email validation services available on the web. Following are one of the best among them, and are big competitors of Mailrefine.

  1. Debounce: Large email lists validator with sufficient features and good reports at affordable pricing
  2. Emailable: Most accurate validation tool with lots of features and detailed reports.
  3. MailboxValidator: Premium email validation for businesses.
  4. Hsupertools email validator: Free email validation tool forever.
  5. Mailboxlayer: API email validation.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Mailrefine that you might find helpful.

Is Mailrefine a free email validation service?

It is not a free email validation service, but after signing up, you will get free 1000 credits that can be used to validate 1000 email addresses. Also, you can increase the number of free credits by contacting Mailrefine's support.

How does email validation work in Mailrefine?

Mailrefine functions as SMTP Server MX - Records are removed from a DNS Server. Then the service interfaces with SMTP servers and reenacts the sending of an email.

Does Mailrefine provide API?

Indeed. You can utilize the API to validate email addresses through Mailrefine's website.

What type of payment does Mailrefine acknowledge?

Various payment methods like credit and debit cards by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, Payoneer, and Bkash are accepted by Mailrefine.

Does Mailrefine have a refund policy?

The paid money will be refunded if you have not used more than 300 credits. This applies to all the subscription plans.

Conclusion: Mailrefine email validation service

When it comes to email marketing, Email Validation is the most important step that every email marketer should follow to maximize their results.

Mailrefine is one of the best email validation services which will help you to validate your email list.

Using Mailrefine for email validation, you can confirm that you are investing in good email addresses and developing a more reasonable income from running email campaigns.

Do not forget to check out the best free email validation tools.

That’s it! I trust your all doubts about the best email validation service are now clarified through this Mailrefine review.

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