Gmass Tutorial: How to send personalized bulk emails in Gmail?

Gmass Tutorial

Gmail's email sending server is the most trustworthy and broadly utilized on the planet. So if you accurately know how to use Gmail to send bulk email, you will have the highest delivery and open rates than any other email service provider. This Gmass tutorial will teach you how to send personalized bulk emails in Gmail.

But before we go ahead in this Gmass tutorial, let us see What is Gmass? and are benefits of using it.

What is Gmass in Gmail?

Gmass in gmail is an email marketing service that permits sending personalized bulk emails from the gmail inbox.

Benefits of using Gmass in Gmail:

1. Personalize Emails:

According to reports sending personalized bulk emails increases the relationship with the clients and increases the conversion by 10%. Gmass fulfills this need as it provides an email personalization feature.

2. Increases sending limits:

Google has set a daily limit on sending emails. You can daily send 500 emails with your Gmail account and 2000 emails with your G-suite paid account. But what if you have a huge email list of 50,000 emails. Then how can you send the same bulk email to these emails in one click? Gmass helps to solve this issue by sending emails over several days.

3. Increases Deliverability:

If you do cold emailing, you may be aware of the low deliverability rate and the ending up of emails in the spam folder.

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By using Gmass, you can write personalized bulk emails, which will increase the value of content. Hence avoids ending up of emails in the spam folder. And as Gmass allows you to send emails directly through the best server(i.e. Gmail), it is sure that you get high deliverability rates.

4. Schedule and Automatic Follow-up Emails:

You can schedule emails so that your emails reach the client when you are ready to draw in with them. Also, Gmass has a feature where you can automate emails if someone does not reply to the original email campaign.

5. Email Reporting Analytics and Tracking:

You will get the detailed reports of the email campaign, allowing you to track opens, clicks, and replies and perform A/B split testing so you can analyze and perform the necessary changes.

How to send personalized bulk emails in Gmail?: Gmass tutorial

Step 1 of gmass tutorial: Install Gmass Extestion

Go to Gmass and click on the "Add To Gmail" button to add the gmass extension to your browser.

How to use Gmail to send bulk email

When the installation is over, you will be redirected to Gmail. Here you have to sign with your Google account and allow all the permissions asked by Gmass to start sending bulk emails in Gmail.

Step 2 of gmass tutorial: Upload your email list to Google Sheets

You may have a huge list of emails in your Excel spreadsheet. To send bulk emails to this email list, you need to import this list to Google sheets.

To do so, go to Google sheets and click on the file picker icon.

Google Sheets Dashboard

A popup will occur where you have to upload your Excel spreadsheet. When the Excel spreadsheet is uploaded, Google will automatically convert it into a new Google sheet.

Bulk email list in google sheets

Note: The first row of the google sheet must contain titles such as FirstName, LastName, EmailAddress, company, etc. It is enough to only add the email addresses without adding other details like FirstName or Lastname(but if you want to send personalized bulk email addresses, then you have to).

Step 3 of gmass tutorial: Connect Google sheet with Gmass

Go to Gmail and click on the red sheets icon next to the search box to connect your email list's google sheet with gmass.

Gmass in google

After clicking on the sheets button, you will see a popup where you need to sign in and allow permissions.

Then you will bring up to a window where you have to select your email list's google sheet and click on the "Connect to spreadsheet" button.

Connet Gmass with google sheets

Step 4 of gmass tutorial: Compose the personalized bulk email

Now a new compose window will get opened. From here, you can send a personalized email to the clients.

You can write a personalized email by inserting an open curly brace "{" in the subject or message area. After inserting an open curly brace, a drop-down menu will occur. This menu will contain the titles of the columns from your google sheet. In my case, I will see three options in the menu because I had only added three columns in my Google sheet (which are FirstName, LastName, and EmailAddress).

How to send personalized bulk emails in Gmail

Insert the open curly brace and select the options in the drop-down menu depending upon how you want to personalize your bulk email.

Step 5 of gmass tutorial: Gmass the personalized bulk email

Finally, clicking on the Gmass button will send the personalized bulk email to every person in your email list.

Gmass email

As we saw, it is very easy to send personalized bulk emails in Gmail. But we also need to follow some important steps before sending the emails. Let us see what they are in this gmass tutorial?

Best practices before sending personalized bulk emails in Gmail

Validate your Email List

You will never succeed in email marketing if you run email campaigns without validating emails. Email validation ensures that the email addresses in your email list are valid and exist to get an email delivered.

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Assuming you run an email campaign without email validation, it is more probable that you will receive hard bounces. That will result in low email deliverability. Also, Google does not like high bounce rates. Your Google account may be get suspended if you cross their bounce rate limits.

Use a Custom Domain for Tracking

Using a shared tracking domain can reduce email deliverability. Gmass solves this problem by allowing you to change the default domain into branded tracking domain. So do use a custom tracking domain to track clicks on the links in the sent email.

Warm-up Gmail account

As we saw before in this gmass tutorial, Google had set a limit to send 500 emails with your Gmail account and 2000 emails with your G-suite paid account. But these limits can be even less depending on your sending rates and the age of your Gmail account.

If you have a new Gmail account, you can’t send a total of 500 emails per day (Or 2000 emails per day as a G-suite paid account). To reach the limits, you need to warm up your account by increasing the rate of sending emails over time. Otherwise, it could result in delivery issues.

Write good Quality Emails

If you send a bad-quality email, it will bounce back. In cold emailing, sending a good quality email is vital. No one is interested to read a long uncatchy email, it should be short and to the point.

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Add an Unsubscribe Link

Always remember to give clear directions to clients on how to unsubscribe from your email list. Assuming your email comes up without an unsubscribe link, it is likely probable that the client will mark it as spam.

Conclusion: Gmass Tutorial

By using Gmass, you directly send bulk emails through Gmail, which is known as the best email delivery server on the planet. Hence you will get the highest possible results from it.

It is super easy to connect Gmass to your Gmail account and start sending personalized bulk emails. Only what you need is a valid email list and an enthusiasm to work. That can help you to send emails to countless individuals with just a few clicks.

That’s it! Next time when somebody ponders, “how to send personalized bulk emails in Gmail?” Take charge and start explaining. Have any questions about this Gmass Tutorial? Let us discuss it in our Knowitian telegram group.

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