What is Email Validation: The Ultimate Guide to Email Validation

Email Marketing has an average ROI of 121%, be four times higher than any other digital marketing channel. For every $1 spent on email marketing, you can get $41 in return. But it's not possible to reach such a high ROI unless you accurately practice email marketing. The First step in email marketing is to build a clean email list, and it is essential to check email validity to have a clean and deliverable email list. But what is email validation? How does email validation works? How to check email validity?

After reading this article, all your doubts about email validation will get clarified. So let's get started. 

What is Email Validation?

What is email validation

Email Validation  is the process of cleaning and organizing your list of email addresses. It ensures that the email addresses in your email list are valid and exist to get an important email delivered and also contain a reliable domain name such as Yahoo or Gmail.

That's the super simple meaning of email validation. Now let's understand why email validation important?

Why Email Validation is important?

Suppose, with a lot of patience and hard work, you have built an email list. But when you run an email campaign without email validation, you may notice that many of the targeted recipients' email addresses do not exist. Thus, you will get hard bounces for invalid email addresses. And if you get high bounce rates, your sender reputation will decrease, and a bad reputation means low email deliverability. 

Also, if you are doing cold emailing and run a campaign without email validation, you may suffer from high bounce rates, high complaint rates, or may hit some spam traps, which will result in a bad reputation. And your important emails may go to the spam folder. So to get the best deliverability, it's important to validate email list before running an email campaign.

So after summing up, the Benefits of email validation are:

  • Decreases bounce rate and complaint rates.
  • Increases sender reputation and email deliverability.
  • As email validation removes unwanted email addresses, the cost of email marketing decreases, hence ROI increases.
  • Increases the conversion rate (opens and clicks of an email).

Therefore, you should know the email validation meaning, and work on it, to keep your email list clean and organized.

How Does Email Validation Works?

There are many methods for doing email validation. You can go for several technical gradations to figure out the steps of doing it. The following are the general steps on how email validation works, which will give you the highest accurate results.

Email Validation Process:

  1. Spell Check
  2. ISPs and ESPs
  3. Syntax of email addresses
  4. Domain verification
  5. Mailbox validation

Spell Check:

Make sure that you have not misspelled anything and avoid spelling errors.

ISPs and ESPs:

You must not include the email addresses of Internet Services Providers (ISPSs) and Email Service Providers (ESPs) in your email list, or you may get blocked by them.

Syntax of email addresses:

These include checking the format of email addresses. 
An email address gets divided into four parts, Recipient name, @ symbol, Domain name, Top-level domain.

Syntax of email addresses  

1. Recipient name:

It includes the name of the owner, company, etc.
It consists of:

  • Upper case and lower case alphabets
  • Digits.
  • Special symbols like +, ., - (they can't appear consecutively two or more times and can't appear at the start and end of email address).

2. Domain name:

It is the network address where Internet users can access your website.
It consists of:

  • Maximum 253 characters.
  • Upper and lower case alphabets.
  • Digits.
  • A period (.) and a hyphen (-).

3. Top-level Domain:

They are placed after the domain name. Example: .com, .in, .net.

Domain verification:

It is the process used to check whether the domain name of the email address is correct or not, and the server can receive it.

Mailbox validation:

In this process, the SMTP protocol checks whether the mailbox can receive or not.

How to validate email addresses?

It is super easy to validate email addresses. You can validate email list without sending a single email.

Following are the ways which make it possible:

  1. You have the option of validating your email list manually by following the steps that we have discussed before in this article. But it will take plenty of time, and it's almost impossible to check every email address if you have a huge email list.

  2. The best and easiest way to validate email list is by using email validation services. These services do all the steps of email validation and give you a desirable result. Some of the best email validation services are EmailListVerifyDeBounceZeroBounceH-supertools email validator.

    → Check out this article to find the best free email validation tools on the planet!

  3. You can also validate email list using programmatically. The code checks the errors in email addresses and confirms if they are valid.

Conclusion: What is Email Validation

Email marketing will give us the highest possible results if we do it properly, and email validation is the most important step to get the best results. 

So what is email validation? It is the process of cleaning and organizing your list of email addresses. It ensures that the email addresses in your email list are valid and exist to get an essential email delivered and contain a reliable domain name. Follow the steps and use the leading email validation services mentioned in this super email validation guide to validate your email addresses and skyrocket your email marketing journey.

That's it! Next time when somebody ponders, "What is email validation?" Take charge and start describing. Have questions about this email validation guide? Let us discuss it in our Knowitian Telegram Group, and let's get connected.


  1. Nice article. Learned lots of things. Before reading this
    article I was thinking that email validation is not a necessary task.

  2. Is email validation same as email verification?

    1. No it is not the same. Email Verification is more complex then email validation.
      We will talk about it in our upcoming posts.